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EcoPlans & EcoProducts:
for the New Millennium

Introduction: if you are interested in any of the following sustainable items: Home Plans, reused Solar Collectors, double Strawbale Sewing Needles, EcoStuds, Home Check List, Conference Papers, Drawings, CD-ROMs or videos, please send us an email for details or current pricing. Some items can be faxable, others can be sent electronically, after payment. Some items need to be delivered or picked-up. These items evolved through "real world" experience in the field over many years, and lessons learned by daily living and working in a demonstration building that we designed and built. All items are available now, except those indicated.  You may also go to this Canadian designer to obtain plains and designs for ecologically safe buildings: 

10 Main Principles for Sustainable Buildings :

10) Ten Main Principles for Sustainable Buildings:
1) occupant health & safety (including anthropometric spaces and handicap access)
2) environmental stewardship (minimal water, land or air pollution)
3) sustainable development (ensuring an ample resource base for future generations)
4) habitat preservation (local ecosystems, animal corridors, wildlife sanctuaries, etc.)
5) resource conservation (wood, earth, fossil fuels, etc.)
6) energy & water conservation (i.e. energy efficiency, low embodied energy, high recycled content & rainwater harvesting)
7) appropriate technology (from waterless toilets to photovoltaics)
8) renewable and alternative energy supply (i.e. solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, mini hydro, etc.)
9) minimal operating/maintenance costs (low utility bills)
10) compliance with international obligations (i.e. Kyoto protocol, Global Warming)

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