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The purpose of this site is to introduce and familiarize present and future residential property ownwers in New York City about President Bush's 2010 Mandate on improving the Global Climate via the implementation and utilization of ecologically and energy efficient building construction products and technologies.  Prsident Bush's Global Climate Change Policy Book Details of the US initiative announced February 14, 2002 can be found at


Worldwide, 20 billion tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atomsphere each year, of which the United States contributes one quarter.  By selecting environmentally responsible building materials for construction and retrofiting projects, building owners and superintendents can reduce negative environmental and health impacts, save money and set a positive example on a global level. 


Our purpose was to find simple, fairly inexpensive and relatively innocuous opportunities for decreasing a buildings impact on the environment, while also increasing the comfort of its occupants by incorporating environmentally efficient materials in its construction. 


We have compiled a number of links and websites that will identify manufacturers of such products on the pages within this site. 


New York City Department of Housing, Preservation and Development Residential Building Superintendent Course 202.2 entitled Maintenance of Building Systems/Physical Plant is designed to explore the building structure and the physical systems of residential dwellings. During this twelve week training period, participants:

  • Expand their knowledge of physical systems;
  • Learn the latest techniques & methods for making basic repairs;
  • Learn to maintain, assess physical systems of their buildings;
  • Learn how to troubleshoot; and
  • Improve their earning potential by receiving a Superintendent Certification upon successful completion of the course.

One of the assignments of this course is to complete a project that is related to the content of the areas covered during this course.  

The following were some of the topics are discussed in this course:

  • Electrical and plumbing and heating systems;
  • Housing codes;
  • Maintenance issues; and
  • Lead paint regulations: remediation, abatement and lead safe work practices.

Although this course is designed for people who are owners and/or managers of multi-family residential properties, potential owners/managers or housing professionals, we have incorporated an integral component that should help reduce New York City's listing as the 23rd most polluted city in the United States.  It is hopeful that the information listed on this site will educate building owners about the need to incorporate such materials in the construction and retrofitting projects.